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HTF Associates specialise in supply chain management in the pharmaceutical industry.

From a blank page we can help you set-up your internal processes through Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), train your staff and help you obtain a Wholesale Dealer’s Licence (WL) from the MHRA. HTF Associates can also provide you with a contract Responsible Person (RP) if required or simply conduct a Good Distribution Practice (GDP) audit of your existing facilities and processes to point you in the right direction.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain
HTF Associates can work with you to advise on or, indeed take on for you, the non medical aspects of your supply chain handling tenders into the NHS, for example, working with Buying Solutions and DoH/PASA to sell your products into the NHS supply chain and negotiate commercial agreements with wholesalers and pharmacies.

We are very experienced in operational management of the storage and distribution aspects of the pharmaceutical supply chain. We work with many of the outsourced storage and distribution providers (called a pre-wholesaler) as well as having personnel experienced in managing complex supply chains from manufacturer/supplier through to the patient.

We ensure that you travel safely between an out of stock situation and investing in excess stock. We use the well-proven Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process, tailored to your situation, to ensure efficient management of your supply chain.


Controlled Drugs and Fridge lines

Our personnel are also experienced in the more specialised and complex situations such as handling Controlled Drugs (CD) – including registering with and reporting to the Home Office - Fridge products (stored at 2-8º) and direct to patient delivery services.

Unlicensed Products
Are you thinking of bringing Unlicensed Products into the UK? We can advise you on handling the procedural aspects of the import and regulatory processes involved and help you manage the setting up of a new unlicensed product supply chain.

Product Launches and Purchases
Do you have a new product to launch or are you interested in buying a pharma company or the rights to a product? As well as assisting you in setting up your supply chain, let us look at the non financial due diligence aspects of taking on a company or product and give you the peace of mind to know that your decision to launch or buy is sound.

Whatever your particular circumstances HTF Associates will be able to advise you and help find the
best solution for your situation. Why not contact us now for an initial discussion?
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February 28 2012

HTF Associates specialises in the Supply Chain operation in the Pharma Industry. This includes outsourced supply chain management, obtaining a Wholesaler Dealer's Licence (WL) from the MHRA, selecting
pre-wholesalers and advice on all aspects of Supply Chain Management in the pharmaceutical industry.

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