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Establishing your Storage and Distribution network

Many small companies entering the UK for the first time and launching their first product struggle to establish their supply chains.

Often the company has marketing resources but cannot justify a resource to establish the storage and distribution aspects for launch. HTF have experience in handling this for companies and ensuring that everything is ready for the product launch.

There are many steps between the receipt of the customer order to receiving the cash for the sale (order to cash), including where and how the product is stored.

Options available include outsourcing all or some of these steps and HTF have experience of both selecting the right outsourced provider(s) and developing new functions in-house.

For your company this may go hand in hand with obtaining a Wholesale Dealer’s Licence (WL) as well as establishing effective planning processes.

Ensuring these all fit together to ensure smooth product, information and cash flow is vital to the success of a company, especially in the case of the launch of a new product.

We work with many of the outsourced storage and distribution providers (called pre-wholesalers) and know their relative strengths and weaknesses.

Market knowledge
HTF have up to date market knowledge on best price and performance for your situation and can guide you through the selection process. Once selected the products need to be set-up with the pre-wholesaler.

Other supply chain preparations for launch include advising various bodies of the prices, obtaining product codes, advising publications of the new product and the launch date, and getting the new product onto GP systems so it can be prescribed!

HTF can advise you or handle all of these launch activities for you.

Establishing your Storage and Distribution network

If you are already operating you may want to know if you are getting value for money from your pre-wholesaler, or simply want to change to another! Changing pre-wholesaler may require a variation to your existing WL and HTF can advise or handle this for you.




HTF Associates specialises in the Supply Chain operation in the Pharma Industry. This includes outsourced supply chain management, obtaining a Wholesaler Dealer's Licence (WL) from the MHRA, selecting
pre-wholesalers and advice on all aspects of Supply Chain Management in the pharmaceutical industry.

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