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Managing your storage and distribution network

Functionally excellent departments are a requirement for an effective company, but are wasted if the links between them are not good.

Are different departments working on different sets of numbers and making different assumptions to each other? Does department A not get the right information at the right time from department B?

Effective supply chain planning
A simple way of ensuring alignment is effective supply chain planning – one in which all departments take part in a regular process. The solution can range from a simple monthly process with minimal documentation in a small company to a more sophisticated Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process.

Some simple changes and process are normally all it takes, and this is often easier to propose from outside the company! Our objective is to ensure that you travel safely between an out of stock situation and investing in excess stock.

Effective planning is also a requirement of obtaining a Wholesale Dealer’s Licence (WL).

Small companies are often in a situation where the required skills do not exist in-house and a part-time resource is needed to manage the supply chain. How do you recruit a part-time well qualified supply chain manager?

Tailored assessment
HTF can offer a tailored assessment of your current processes and the specific solution will be defined to suit you. This can range from as little as one day a month to full time, and can be based in your office or remotely depending on the role.

Often the role is initially undefined but over a period of time a role description is developed and the role can be smoothly handed over to a client employee or left with HTF.


Managing your storage and distribution network




HTF Associates specialises in the Supply Chain operation in the Pharma Industry. This includes outsourced supply chain management, obtaining a Wholesaler Dealer's Licence (WL) from the MHRA, selecting
pre-wholesalers and advice on all aspects of Supply Chain Management in the pharmaceutical industry.

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