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Managing the Commercial aspects of your Supply Chain

As well as the physical Supply Chain (storing and distributing products according to GDP ) the commercial aspects of the supply chain should also be optimised. The commercial arrangements, and the consequent flow of money along the chain, need to be designed and closely managed.

The standard sales force promotion of a product can be enhanced by additional commercial arrangements that complement these demand creation efforts and can add significant additional profit to the product.

There are many different commercial arrangements and opportunities that can be used to gain maximum value from a product's supply chain. HTF has experience of establishing and managing these on behalf of client companies, particularly smaller companies that do not have, nor need to have, specialist teams in place fulltime, or companies that have made a conscious decision to outsource specialist functions.

Commercial Arrangements
The NHS operates its procurement through a number of parallel organisations, whose opportunities to tender are variously advertised and nearly all of which have different tendering processes. These include:- the Department of Health which through the NHS CMU (the NHS Commercial Medicines Unit) handles central or regional procurement of pharmaceutical drugs and “Buying Solutions” which handles the procurement of products, including medical devices, for all government departments. The NHS arm is NHS Supply Chain.

As well as central procurement systems, pricing contracts can also be established directly with Primary Care Trusts (PCT's) and even individual Hospitals so the ability to negotiate and manage Hospital Contracts at all levels is essential.

Manufacturers offer a discount to Dispensing Doctors via the Manufacturers' Discount Scheme (MDS) and this is managed through agreements and a rebate system with the Wholesalers.

Additionally there are typically pricing and volume agreements with Pharmacy Chains, as well as agreements with smaller specialist wholesalers, (Short Line Wholesalers), for a variety of purposes including import, export and generic competition.

Other areas of specialist commercial know how come in the areas of export , with agreements for export to specific markets where product is not promoted and to Non Governmental Organisations ( NGO's ) - specialist agencies who supply UNICEF and NATO as well as various charities.

HTF Associates can assist with the drafting of a contract at the beginning, managing and reporting on the operation of the arrangement and also reviewing its economic viability.




HTF Associates specialises in the Supply Chain operation in the Pharma Industry. This includes outsourced supply chain management, obtaining a Wholesaler Dealer's Licence (WL) from the MHRA, selecting
pre-wholesalers and advice on all aspects of Supply Chain Management in the pharmaceutical industry.

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